Stepping back into the Swing of Things

How's your swing? Are you feeling it? Is your low back starting to feel a twinge?  Maybe your elbow? There are a number of issues that can come up while enjoying the sport of Golf. I’m going to illustrate a handful and explain why Massage Therapy is essential to the lifestyle of someone who plays it.  Golf is an awesome sport and does require skillful mechanics and great hand eye coordination to do well. Over time the mechanics alone of swinging the golf club can definitely becoming taxing on the overall structure and alignment of the body.

Golfer w/ back pain

This is an important key to understand for the longevity and enjoyment of the game either professionally or for leisure. As many know already the stroke in the golf swing is not exactly ergonomic. So, it is essential for those who wish to continue the game with a sense of pleasure to understand that maintenance is required to keep that beautiful swing nice and smooth from start to finish.

A classic issue for golfers is low back pain. The one-directional twisting of the spine can create elongation of the muscle tissue on one side and shortening on the other. This, over time, produces an effect on the posture and structural alignment which can in turn create compensation. Compensation is when the body begins to move irregularly due to a muscular or structural impingement. 

The structures of the elbow, hip, shoulder, and knee are also classic areas of pain for golfers. These areas of the body are known as hinges and are pivotal points of power in the mechanics of a strong golf swing.  Smooth joint movement is absolutely key in the game of golf. Understanding that and keeping these areas of the body well maintained should be the part of any golfers regular practice if success and enjoyment of the game are desired.

Massage Therapy by far is one of the most effective ways to keep golfers in the game and here’s why. Muscle tissue in and around all of these key hinges and lower spine can begin to lock up systematically as the golf swing is done over and over again. Without proper recovery the muscle tissue fills with lactic acid which is this wonderful glue-like substance that loves to bind tissue together and shorten it. When it does this it can have an adverse effect on your game. What was once was a nice smooth swing can start to feel painful and become inhibited by the stiffness created.

Massage breaks up the lactic acid in the muscle tissue and flushes it out of the body. New blood, fresh oxygen, and nutrients flood into the area to speed up recovery and help maintain optimal performance, functionality, and strength.

So if you’re a golfer out there killing it on the fairways, keep in mind the importance of maintaining your body with massage to keep up with the negative effects of that swing. It can be the difference between a joyous round of golf or a painful one both in the body and the score at the end.

Enjoy the game! Get a massage today at Massage Theory!