Do Massage Therapists Follow a Pattern?

Brunette getting massage by a therapist

I’ve had a lot of clients ask me this question over the years of my practice and I always respond with my favorite answer. Different strokes for different folks. It may seem like you may have a Massage Therapist that does a certain routine of steps of where they start and finish and in general, that is ok. There are certain types of bodywork that are more systematic in their approach to where you start and where you finish and it is effective that it is done that way. Rolfing is one name that comes to mind. Its a bodywork done in stages starting from the feet. Massage Therapist can and do develop their own style over time and as long as it remains effective for the client I think its a good system.

A lot of clients do like the idea that they get a particular type of massage and they like that style and approach to remain the same every time they come in. There is a reliability factor they enjoy and they like being able to experience consistency and that does well for their body.

On the other hand, there can be over time a wearing out of the same approach and the effect of wellness may appear to dwindle. At that time it’s good for the Massage Therapist to notice there might be a need for change and look at how other modalities can be incorporated into the treatment plan.

Specific injuries also play a huge role in the need to deviate from a patterned treatment because the same approach may affect the injured part of the body in a contraindicate way. 

It's always good for the client to keep informing their Massage Therapist of any recent changes to their physical body especially any new injuries so they can adjust
the treatment accordingly. I also encourage all clients to not be afraid to inform their Therapist if they feel like a different approach or a entire different modality even if there is so reason at all. Preference always needs to be accommodated. Change is always good for any reason even if its shear boredom with the same type of massage.

Exploring other modalities of massage can be a great adventure and can always offer a surprising result if your willing to change it up and try something new! Blessings to all! Come in today and try something new at Massage Theory or the Alpha School of Massage!