What does that mean?

It simply means we want you to visit our spa to relax. We want you to visit our spa to address your aches and pains. We want you to visit our spa to experience our relaxing and healthy skin care services. We want you to visit our spa because you want to not because you're paying us even when you don’t. It means there are no contracts at Massage Theory!

We want to earn your loyalty not sell you a contractual obligation to come back. We want your relaxation to linger for hours after your visit and refuse to end it prematurely with a sales pitch.

Jamie Driggers, the owner of Massage Theory is bringing her experience in the Massage Industry to Yulee in the form of Massage Theory. She and her husband have 8 years’ experience in Massage School Administration at Alpha School of Massage and 22 years of family experience in the industry. They bring a passion for the relaxation industry that is often lacking in many spas. She wants to share that passion with what she feels is the most under-served area in Northeast Florida when it comes to spa services, Yulee, FL.