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Massage Services

Appointments include time (5 to 10 minutes) to undress and redress. 

Relaxation Massage

Simply relaxing.

Student Therapist -

$40 / HR

Licensed Therapist -

$65 / HR

$95 / 90 Minutes

$130 / 2 Hour 


Hot Stone Massage

As if it gets better than a simple relaxing massage, this is it. This is our relaxation massage with warm to hot stones used for deeper muscle penetration and tension release.

$75 / HR

$115 / 90 Minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

If you need something more than a relaxation massage this is it. Our Deep Tissue Massage isn't as deep as our Barefoot Massage but it is a very firm massage that will help loosen up those tight muscles and releases those areas affected by stress like your shoulders, neck and low back. 

$75 / HR

$115 / 90 Minutes

Ashi (Barefoot) Massage

Experience the "Deepest, Most Luxurious Massage" in Jacksonville. Designed for athletes, especially muscular people or those over 260 pounds, and anybody else that needs deep, deep pressure. Deeper than any massage you have ever had, yet still feels great. Excellent for low back pain.

$95 / HR

$145 / 90 Minutes

Couples Massage

Enjoy the closeness that only a Mother & Daughter or "Sweethearts" feel, as you both drift away, relax, and unwind. Let your muscles and tension melt while our therapists massage you in the same room.

$130 / HR

$195 / 90 Minutes

CBD Pain Management

If you are looking to utilize the latest in topical pain management and relief this is it. Your therapist will use LAB + BLENDS' CBD Pain Relief Creme to give you hours of soothing and relaxing comfort in your specific trouble area (i.e.shoulder, low back or neck). LAB + BLENDS CBD Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream combines ground breaking pure Cannabidiol CBD Extract to support the reduction of inflammation and pain signaling with powerful pain relievers. Arnica Extract is added to promote additional recovery benefits. The problem area is treated as part of a full body massage. 

$110 / HR

$150 / 90 Minutes

Pain Management

Your therapist will treat your problem areas as part of a full body massage. The Pain Management massage begins with Prossage Warming oil to get the spot warm and loose. It ends with your therapist revisiting your problem area with Biofreeze cooling gel to give you long lasting relief.

$80 / HR

$120 / 90 Minutes

Prenatal Massage

The Prenatal Massage is a gentle service designed to relieve many of the normal problem areas that appear during pregnancy as the body goes through its wonderful changes. 

$75 / HR

$115 / 90 Minutes

Sports Massage

Our sports massage is for the active client who doesn’t have time to slow down between matches. This massage uses fast-paced massage strokes, compression and stretching to wake the body up, especially muscles and joints. Perfect for game day or after a round of golf or game of tennis when another round is on the menu for the next day or even later that day. You’ll leave feeling invigorated. Wear tight undergarments like compression pants and sports bras to get the most from this massage.

$75 / HR

$115 / 90 Minutes